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‘What’s the matter with technology-enhanced learning?’

The employment of educational technology has led to a remarkable and rapid development in the educational process and its impact on how the teacher performs. As technology, the learner has affected life and work because it does not deal with information only. Instead, it deals with images, sounds and maps, and videos, all of which were shown in front of the students’ eyes, thus becoming tools for research and discovery and communication with schools and centres. Research, libraries, etc., and contributed to preserving information, publishing and transmitting it, and transforming education from traditional methods to methods. It has achieved creative and creative thinking, developing strategies for solving problems and developing thinking skills scientific and achieve long-term learning.

Our society’s means of communication have developed substantially, which provided great opportunities for communication between human beings more and more than ever before. This matter helped to save time and effort exerted in the past in many different bodies. Among those bodies are the educational bodies, as modern means of communication from the Internet and programming computers that helped develop education until I turned to e-learning in its various aspects. During the year 2020 and as a result of COVID-19, students and teachers have been forced to complete distance education across platforms and different communication methods and programs (Chamberlain et al., 2019). Grant and Scott conducted a study on the use of the Internet in higher education. They concluded that using the Internet in colleges helps develop faculty members’ academic performance and encourages them to do joint research work, compose scientific references and conduct targeted research meetings. The sample members supported the necessity of applying modern technology, including the Internet, in education (1996).

When I read the article “What is the problem with” technology-enhanced learning”? For Bain (2015), I have an assertion from a scientific perspective, not only from my point of view, that technology has both a positive and a negative side. It makes the student unable to organize his time, and thus he will not motivate himself to achieve his goals or strive to achieve them. Modern technology has made people feel depressed and isolated, not to mention the material costs of providing devices. Or buy applications. Technology in itself is not a goal. It is a path to an educational end. Teachers and students’ skills have developed through their use of technology in teaching and learning over the past year should not be wasted. However, they must be designed, gaps that have appeared, and work on studies to make this opportunity beneficial to the educational community as a whole.

An apparent failure to employ educational technology in the educational process, despite it being overlooked. All geographical and spatial barriers may be attributed to the new and new talk’s rejection and resistance. The unwillingness to change and more Teachers perceive the delivery of knowledge in the traditional method to be more meaningful than in modern learning methods. Technology (means) to improve education and not a magic solution. The most important thing: the correct recruitment in the proper position. Sometimes using technology is a beautiful thing. Sometimes the use of technology is (a waste) of money and time.

From my perspective as a teacher and student at present, I strongly agree that modern e-learning helped provide educational content to students effectively and efficiently through the positive characteristics characterised by the shortening of time, effort, and economic cost. It has great potential in enhancing student learning and improving their scientific level effectively, in addition to providing an engaging, interactive and exciting educational environment for both teachers and students in which the determinants of time and place are eliminated in addition to allowing students to learn in light of their abilities, scientific abilities and level of knowledge. With the pandemic, the appreciation of e-learning is at a higher level than before. Technology has saved the future of international students. When the decision to close language institutes and universities came, students were shocked. I remember many of my friends wanted to return to the country, but at the same time, they weren’t sure how to complete the course and decide on this that was fateful. Here, were it not for educational technology and the ability to study remotely, many students’ dreams of completing graduate studies would have faded.

In fact, the education process is now centred on technology. Do you know that countries have adopted technology and programming for their students in the primary education stage? If you also know that 70% of the great powers’ incomes now depend mainly on the exchange of information and the exploitation of technology and that manufacturing and production have not become the primary source of income? With all this change in the world recently, I think we will only find the needed balance between technology and life activities to help students engage with and learn.

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By Nadia

A mother of three kids and an international postgraduate student at Newcastle University. "The kindest thing you can do for someone else listens without forming an opinion."

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