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Before the Big Bang

Actually, this week’s blog is totally different from what I am used to writing about. I have concluded that everyone is preoccupied with his life, interests, and relationships, forgetting that we are all about bodies and things with different times and places, for multiple reasons. However, did we ever wonder how everything started? This leads to:

  • What happened first of all?
  • How did it all happen?
  • Why did everything happen?
  • Scientists have been debating as to how the creation of our universe came to be for decades (BOJOWALD, 2007).

Before the Big Bang

This phrase sounds a bit banal to some but, it was very frightening to me. Then I started searching and watching clips in Arabic so that I might understand a little bit better what was before the Big Bang!!! Typically, I am tolerant of the inherited ideas about the creation of the heavens, the earth, the planets, the galaxies, etc. … content with modest information about them through my previous study of science and geology, especially many Quran verses that mentioned some interpretations about these matters. Moreover, reading about the pre-Big Bang topic is completely different. With all the research, I did not find an agreed answer, as a lot of research and theories mentioned multiple interpretations and conflicting opinions, which increased my confusion and ambiguity.

I will mention here some information that may be understandable to me.

The majority of scientists agreed on the theory of the Big Bang discovered by the Belgian scientist George Lumeter, which says: The universe is a single, very dense and compressed small substance that exploded and inflated the universe about 14 billion years ago. The idea of how our universe expanded from such a minute state of being to expanding farther than we could have ever comprehended (Kalachanis et al., 2019).

For more information, click on the link below:

There have been many questions and speculations about this matter for centuries gone by and still. I find that the strange formation of radiant stars, planets, galaxies, the idea of ​​time and space, and the nothing in secret where scientists have tried to discover from ancient times until this moment, as space missions are increasing and competing.

Stephen Hawking thinks he knows what happened before the beginning of time !!!!! who knows?

There was a televised interview between the physicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the most famous in his field, and Stephen Hawking who is undoughtly one of the most important figures in the science world as a physicist. Tyson asked Stephen about what happened before the moment in which the universe began.

Hawking says, “The boundary condition of the universe … is that it has no limits.” (Hawking,2016).

Please watch this video:

If correct, this assumption would free us from contemplating the universe before the Big Bang. If the universe really did arise from nothing, then time would not have an origin before the universe existed, so the Big Bang would be the beginning of history and everything!

  • Did the big bang happen in this universe and acquired it energy from another universe?


  • Did the Big Bang create our universe and other universes from nothing?

If the pre-existing thing was the fabric of your time … where did this fabric come from and how would nothing be everything at the same time?

No doubt this debate will continue for a long time into the future, who knows? A similar argument might be taking place at some point in a parallel universe on the other side!!!



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By Nadia

A mother of three kids and an international postgraduate student at Newcastle University. "The kindest thing you can do for someone else listens without forming an opinion."

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